Talking Picture no. 39: Florence Alma Snoad by Daniel Meadows

Talking Picture no. 39: Florence Alma Snoad by Daniel Meadows 

This week’s movie from Daniel Meadows is the 39th of 40. That means next week is the last…Then I suggest a day watching the lot and a trip to the Library of Birmingham to see the work it relates to, and all that surrounds it.

As Daniel posted on Facebook, “If there is one person’s story that sums up the meaning of my bus adventure, this is it. Florence Alma Snoad is number 39 of the 40 movies I made to celebrate the acquisition of my archive by the Library of Birmingham. We are nearing the end.”

Talking Picture no. 12: Mrs Byford—Daniel Meadows

This weeks window on the Daniel Meadows archive held by the Library of Birmingham:
Talking Picture no. 12: Mrs Byford—Daniel Meadows


March 1974, Stratford-upon-Avon, from the Free Photographic Omnibus. Mrs Byford and her friend Jean, are on their way to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of loved-ones.

As you might know, the photographic department, archive and accessibility of that department of the Library of Birmingham is in danger. Proposed cuts in funding threaten to destroy what is of national and international significance. One of the most important photographic collections in the UK. Doing this, could potentially help prevent the disaster from happening.

Talking Picture no. 7: The Bus – Daniel Meadows

The seventh in a series of forty movies by Daniel Meadows. For just over a year, from late 1973, Meadows lived in a double decker bus he had bought for £360, soon after leaving Manchester Polytechnic. The Free Photographic Omnibus was his studio, gallery and home. He travelled 10000 miles offering free portraits to those who came, then gave prints to those who returned.
Here Daniel re-introduces, quite modestly, his ambitious project. The Daniel Meadows archive is held at the Library of Birmingham.

Talking Picture no. 7: The Bus” is the seventh release in a series of forty, weekly releases.

Talking Picture no. 7: The Bus - Daniel Meadows

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