Talking Picture no. 23: Stanley Replies — Daniel Meadows

This week’s release from Daniel Meadows and Stanley Graham is proof of the value of engagement and collaboration. Stanley’s home made movie. Excellent.
If you’re new to Daniel’s work, please look at his Photobus website, and in particular, the digital storytelling section.

The Daniel Meadows Archive is at the Library of Birmingham, catalogue no: MS 2765.

Talking Picture no. 23: Stanley Replies — Daniel Meadows

Talking Picture no. 21: For Stanley — Daniel Meadows

Talking Picture no. 21: For Stanley, a movie made by Daniel Meadows about Stanley Graham who worked in a weaving mill in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. The movie, a part of the entire Daniel Meadows Archive, is held at the Library of Birmingham.

This movie coincides with the second in a series of eight books I’m publishing with Daniel. The book, Bancroft Shed Weaving 1976, will be published and available this Thursday morning (19.02.15) from the Café Royal Books website.
Bacroft Shed Weaving 1976 — Daniel Meadows

You can follow Daniel’s movies on Vimeo.