Sefton Samuels — Jazz Legends

Jazz Legends brings together five decades of work by leading British photographer Sefton Samuels. The collection is the result of a lifetime spent by Sefton hanging around smoke-filled jazz clubs in the north of England – capturing the biggest names as they performed. 
Caught up-close are the likes of Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Courtney Pine, Dizzy Gillespie, Ronnie Scott and Duke Ellington. The photographs are distinguished by an intimacy which captures the soul of the performances – perhaps testimony to the passion for the music from behind the camera. 
Sefton Samuels enjoyed a brief career as a jazz drummer himself before taking up photography. He has scores of images in the National Portrait Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum – and has exhibited at the Barbican, King’s Place and Proud Galleries. 
Hailed as  “Manchester’s finest” by Time Out, Sefton is the author of the best-selling photo book ’Northerners’. Despite the drumming career never quite taking off, Sefton remains a jazz addict.
Tim Samuels.
Sefton Samuels — Jazz Legends, is available here.

Stockport Gypsies 1971 – Daniel Meadows

The first book I will publish in 2015, this Thursday, is Stockport Gypsies 1971 by Daniel Meadows. It’s the the first in a series of eight books I’m publishing with Daniel. The books accompany the release of one of his movies; each offering an insight into a part of his archive which is held, in its entirety, by the Library of Birmingham. There are 40 movies in total, I will make a post here as each is released.
The eight books will be printed as editions of 150-200 including a very limited boxed set (ed/50) of all eight, and including a DVD of the eight corresponding movies.

So here is this week’s movie from Daniel:

Talking Picture no. 5: Shireen Shah by Daniel Meadows.

Stockport Gypsies 1971
Daniel Meadows
24 pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital
Edition of 200

The first in a series of eight books by Daniel Meadows.
There will be a boxed set published as a very limited edition
of 50, included in the edition of 200 mentioned above. The
boxed set will include all eight books and a DVD containing
eight corresponding movies. The movies, Daniel is releasing
weekly over forty weeks, each offering an insight into his
archive which is held at the Library of Birmingham.

The Photobook: A History

I was lucky enough to take part in the first Bristol Photobook Weekend last June. Hosted by Rudi Thoemmes from RRB photobooks and Martin Parr.
This film The Photobook: A History was made the following day, and repeats some of what was discussed at Bristol. It refers mainly via the series of books of the same name, written by Parr and Badger, to the new history of photobooks that is being created but that as yet is under documented. It’s well worth the 83 minutes it’ll take you to watch it!

At some point I might expand on each volume of this book but there is a lot of that online already. I found it interesting to hear the nine elements Gerry Badger initially refers to, as a basis for volume three, each of which could be a basis for further research. Propaganda; protest; desire; society; place; conflict; memory and identity. The ninth is the medium itself, which to my mind enters into the ‘artist’s book’.

Martin Parr photographer and photobook collector, Gerry Badger critic photographer and architect, and Hannah Watson Director of Trolley Books, in conversation with Simon Baker Curator of photography and international art at Tate.