The Wall — Claire Atkinson

Last year I published Claire Atkinson’s (no relation) Manchester 42 series. A documentary of travel; the same journey day after day, crossing Manchester by bus. Claire sent some recent work over for the blog. I actually quite like the ‘ugly…hated’ wall!

Over the past few years I’ve developed a strange fascination with this ugly wall in Manchester City Centre. 

Hated by fellow Mancunians and looked upon with a strange, disapproving curiosity by visitors, ‘the wall’ provides passers by with an unwanted, concrete backdrop to the slog of everyday life. 

Upon learning of the various petitions to get rid of it, and consequently of the commercial renovation plans for Piccadilly Gardens, I decided to spend more time photographing it before it disappears forever. 

Talking Picture no. 30: John Fox & Sue Gill — Daniel Meadows

Talking Picture no. 30: John Fox & Sue Gill by Daniel Meadows

Welfare State founded 1968, photographed by Daniel Meadows between 1976—83. This short movie is filmed. All this work and the movie is the Daniel Meadows archive at the Library of Birmingham,  ref. MS 2765, boxes 37, 38, 51 and 102. 

This Thursday I will publish Welfare State International 1976—83, 36pp ed/200 to accompany the release of this movie, using some of the photographs shot at the time.